Fujifilm Fuji X70 — Fuji vs. Fuji

Excluding iterative releases of the X100, the X70 marks Fuji’s second fixed focal length “Premium Compact Camera.” It came as a bit of a surprise alongside the announcement of the X-Pro2. Fuji were likely hoping to recapture the magic of the X100 again, but with a miniaturized version, and more consumer-centric features. Overall, the feature-set is great. It’s the “miniaturization” that I think has the biggest impact on the usability of the camera, or perhaps more accurately, how the camera is used. Whether or not it succeeds will come down to your shooting style. In that respect, maybe they did recapture the original X100’s magic. Unboxing. Not much to say here. All the usual suspects are included, wait, all but one, the charger. Instead, we get a USB cable with AC-5VF AC power adapter. If you want to charge your battery, or the spare battery you’ll likely want, you’ll need to get yourself a dedicated charger, either Fuji’s own BC-65N→, or a third party option.……

Source: Fujifilm Fuji X70 — Fuji vs. Fuji