Fujifilm TCL-X100 review: Is this partner to the X100/X100S the
new king of teleconverters? | Dave Pardue

I fell in love with the Fujifilm X100S shortly after we received it last year. It has such a solid feel, and I’m enamored with Fuji’s dynamic range options and film simulation modes (they’re more than just digital filters, as they change a range of things about the camera’s color rendering). And then there’s the retro looks that beat other manufacturers‘ retro looks, thanks in large part to the old-school mode-dial-by-proxy (the various dial combinations create the mode). These are all right up my stylistic alley. But for my particular shooting style there was the problem of that fixed 35mm equivalent focal length. There are certainly scores of enthusiast photographers who enjoy the simplicity of a fixed focal length and the art of zooming with your feet, and having been fortunate to have shot with the X100S I can very much appreciate the beauty of that logic. But I like shooting portraits and similar subject matter first and foremost, and the 35mm equivalent focal length just wasn’t going to work for me. That is, until the TCL-X100 1.4x teleconverter walked into our lab and transformed the X100S into a 50mm eq. FLC……

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