Fujifilm WCL-X100 review: We test the 0.8x wide angle
conversion lens for the X100 / X100S | Imaging Resource

The Fujifilm WCL-X100 wide angle converter, designed to give a wider angle of view to the fixed lens X100 and X100S model cameras, has been available for a few years now. But for whatever reason we were never able to procure a sample model for review when it was first released. We finally got one into our lab, and it comes on the heels of our review of the recently released TCL-X100, which provides an effective 1.4x magnification factor and transforms the camera from a fixed 35mm eq. focal length to the more portrait-friendly 50mm eq. range. Due to the popularity of that review on our site, we were excited to finally be getting our hands on its wide angle cousin, so let’s dive right in. The WCL-X100 lends a magnification factor to the 23mm (35mm eq.) fixed lens of 0.8x, thereby providing an equivalent focal length of 28mm. This is certainly not as wide as the more common wide angle of 24mm, but does open up the available shooting field to some degree, and there are certainly times when the greater field of view is welcome………….

Source: www.imaging-resource.com

Fuji WCL-X100

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