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Welcome to this review of my ‘dynamic duo’. I wanted the review to be organic, realistic and useful for photographers. This won’t be a large list of technical specifications, but rather, this review is on using the camera and how it performs. Here goes… It’s important to note that I wrote this review before the December firmware release and I added the 35 mm section after the release. One of the thing’s that I love about the Fujifilm community, is that they listen to their buyers. If something isn’t great with the current firmware they endeavour to fix it within the next update. As a photographer this is important, it makes you feel like your opinion is valued, and it makes for a better user experience. I used to shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 5D. I used Canon as it produced the images that I wanted at the time. As a photographer I purposefully stay away from the gear hype and ‘Canon v Nikon’ wars. If a camera company produces something that meets my requirements, I’m going to invest in it, despite the brand……

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Fuji X-E2

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