Fujifilm X-E2s Review | Joshua Waller

The Fujifilm X-E2s is a slight update to the X-E2, which in turn was an update to the X-E1. The X-E2s features a new AF system, along with a number of other refinements. Here we’ll have a look at the X-E2s and see how it compares to the previous version and other cameras in the Fujifilm X series. The Fujifilm X series of cameras has always relied on traditional manual controls for aperture and shutter, with neatly designed metal dials, and the X-E2s is no different, with a shutter speed dial on top and an exposure compensation dial next to this. The cameras have always had an „A“ / Auto position on these dials, but for some users, the cameras may have felt too complicated, as Fujifilm has introduced a new „Full Automatic“ mode, with a dedicated „Auto“ button available. This overrides any manual settings and makes the X-E2s a point and shoot camera, so that anyone who can press a shutter release button should be able to take photos easily. It even overrides the focus switch at the front of the camera, which will be useful for those that end up leaving the camera in manual focus and wondering why the camera won’t autofocus anymore……..

Source: www.ephotozine.com