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Fujifilm’s ever-popular X-series line of compact system cameras started off with the X-Pro 1 back in 2012, a model that split from its contemporaries on account of its X-Trans CMOS sensor. While its size and 16.3MP pixel count were fairly typical for such a camera, the architecture of its colour filter array was not, with a more random mosaic of red, green and blue filters in place of the more repetitive Bayer GRGB pattern common to other cameras. This structure meant that the camera did not require an anti-aliasing filter, something that at the time was a common inclusion in camera sensors to prevent moiré patterning and aliasing artefacts, but also a cause of minor image softness. Not surprisingly, detail in images was impressive, rivalling the results captured by then-current full-frame DSLRs, with a pleasing, film-like texture to boot. Combined with the classic, rangefinder design complete with physical dials and a leather-like finish, as well as an excellent hybrid viewfinder that married optical and electronic finders, the camera was a smash……..

Source: www.digitalcameraworld.com

Fuji X-Pro2

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