Fujifilm X-Pro1: less and more | Don Craig Photography

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This week, I tested the XP1 in a different way with very good results. I used it for a portrait shoot. Set up on a tripod, with a radio flash trigger mounted and using the 60mm lens (did I mention that I really like this lens?), I used the EVF/LCD to frame and focus my shots. So, instead of using the tiny frame lines in the OVF, I used the XP1 like a view camera. This is certainly an example of the “more” of this camera. I have shot portraits with the M9 and my 90mm lens. However, focusing and reviewing the results are not necessarily user friendly. As a side note, the flashes were used in manual and one was a slave to the other, triggered strobe. A secondary side note, the R-D1 did not sync with the Cactus V triggers, so was completely useless for this type of photography.

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