Fujifilm X-Pro2… Back to the Future | Max Angeloni

After thunder comes rain…I remember that questions regarding the release of the X-Pro 2 started just a couple of months after the X-Pro1 hit the market.Being this one of the Fujifilm models that I had christened, I have always been aware of when this succession would have taken place. I must have repeated, “end of 2015” hundreds of times. And so it was.The announcement of the X-Pro2 was a relief… at least for several months I would not heard this question over and over again.But why was there so much expectation around this camera model?The reasons are several. Some are justified… others dictated only by the convulsive desire that the digital market nourishes and fuels towards new models.Another procedural question was if the Pro2 would have had a Full Frame sensor.Even here, the reply was predictable, but few people seemed to believe me.Finally, the die is cast, and from the shop shelves the X-Pro2s are ready to fill up the bags of photographers…..

Source: Fujifilm X-Pro2… Back to the Future