FUJIFILM X-Pro2 camera review (part 1) | Björn Moerman

As an official X-photographer, I was asked to review a pre-production copy of the X-Pro2 end of 2015; thank you Fujifilm Middle East for the opportunity! Below, is my first look at that camera.

The overall feel of the X-Pro2 is very similar to its older brother; it still has the „rangefinder like“ look and its weight is very close to its predecessor; 450g for X-Pro1 versus 495g for X-Pro2. Its size is almost identical; 1mm wider & higher, and just over 5mm deeper. Especially from the front side, the visual differences are small; the most easy one to spot is the new front dial which very welcome……..

Source: bjornmoerman.blogspot.ae

Fuji X-Pro2

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