Fujifilm X-Pro2 Mini Review – Can it be used for action? | Phil M

I was chatting to fellow photographer Matt Widgery over coffee recently. We had been having a little X-pro2 test day. I had let him take my camera out for some shooting when the test had been cut short by the rain. We were chatting in a coffee shop whilst sheltering from the sudden shower. There, we were pondering if the Fuji X-Pro2 would be any good on a fast action shoot. Matt was fairly sure it would do it, I was not so convinced. I suggested what was needed was a proper field test. A real life actual job, where heads would roll should you not be able to deliver the goods. As it happened, I had a couple of overseas shoots coming up that would certainly fit the bill. They would be frantic, dangerous and with zero margins for error. It was then that he sort of challenged me to do it. As I say, I was not sure this was the right camera for the job. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the Fujifilm cameras, but with primes, as a travel camera system. However, on the journey home, I found myself thinking maybe I should give it a go. So it was then I decided hey why not, after all, what’s the worst the can happen, eh…….

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