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In December 2014 Fujifilm released the latest firmware upgrade (version 3.00) for its X-T1 camera. More than a minor upgrade, the new firmware adds a number of new features that greatly enhance the camera’s capabilities. Let’s take a look at ones most likely to be of interest to X-T1 owners. By the way, if you’d like to learn more about firmware (for all makes of camera) then read our article Updating Your Camera’s Firmware – What is it and Why It’s Important. A new electronic shutter allows you to take photos at shutter speeds of up to 1/32000 second (the fastest mechanical shutter speed available is 1/4000 second). This enables you to take photos in bright light with prime lenses at wide aperture settings, something the lowest available ISO speed of 200 (when shooting Raw) makes difficult. Sports and action photographers shouldn’t get too excited though, as the rolling shutter effect may cause distortion in moving subjects. Another advantage of the electronic shutter is that it is completely silent, something that street photographers (and others who prefer to work unobtrusively) may appreciate………

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Fuji X-T1

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