Fujifilm X-T1 review | Karl Bratby

I probably should start with the camera system I have been using for many years. That would be Canon, they have served me well, they have never broken down, never a fault, so you may ask why Fuji has come on to my radar, well the answer to that is image quality vs size, lens quality vs size. To be totally honest I’ve tried a few small system cameras over the past few months, Olympus Em-1, Sony A7r, both were ok and had their plus points, but didn’t float my boat. What I mean by that is I have to like what I use and I am incredibly picky, my camera has to be an extension of my mind, corny I know but its how I am. Before we start I’m no writer, not a review writer either, but thought others may like to read my views on the Fuji X system. Where do I start? My time as a fuji shooter is quite short although I did try the Xpro1 when it was 1st launched and we didn’t get along at all, but since the latest firmware I have learned to love it, quirks and all, its not perfect and can be quite slow to use, but image quality is not far off my Canon 1dx, so when i heard next generation, matured Fuji X system camera was to be launched I got quite excited, sad old fool I hear you say, its just a black box that takes pictures, no its not, its a black box full of hocus pocus magic tricks that takes amazing images……..

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