Fujifilm X-T2 in South Aftica | Husam Mneimneh

When I first handled the X-T2, I felt it a bit larger (few millimeters from each side) and slightly heavier (about 50g difference) than the X-T1. Those few millimeters were just right for me to feel comfortable handling it. Unlike my feeling when using the X-T1, where all the dials felt cumbersome in my big hands. The 2 Axis Tilt Screen is Magical. I am glad Fujifilm didn’t opt for the full articulated screen although it might be more useful for videographers. I always like to shoot using the tilt screen on the axis of the lens; with the 2 Axis Tilt screen, you can take low angle shots in landscape and portrait mode and still remain on the Axis of the lens…….

Source: Fujifilm X-T2 in South Aftica – HMeyephoto