Fujifilm X-T2 | Kage Collective

It seems like only a few months ago that Fuji released their upgraded flagship model, the X-Pro2.  And very excited we all were about that camera. Two weeks ago, Fujifilm announced the much rumoured X-T2, which, as some commentators may have you believe, is not simply „an X-Pro2 in an X-T1 body“. There is an element of that of course, but I firmly believe the X-T2 stands alone, and shoulder to shoulder, with the X-Pro2 as „a“ flagship camera in its own right. I think there are three main areas that are substantially different to the the X-Pro2 that I, at least, have been testing and appreciating the most: The Tilting Screen. As someone who shoots weddings for a living, I know the power of tilting screen.  Whilst shooting with the X-T2, I’ve found myself using the now vastly improved tilting screen a lot. The new screen will pivot in two directions enabling it to be useful not only for those shooting horizontally, but also those shooting vertically …..

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