Fujifilm X-T2: Professional Compact System Camera 1.0 | Max Angeloni

Lets make a shopping list: weather-proof body… got it, two memory card slots… got it, operative speed… got it, 1/250 sincro Flash… got it, USB-charging in Camera… got it, auto-focus accuracy and speed… got this as well, ergonomics…. got it, there’s also a battery grip that triplicates its autonomy. Very well! Then? Ah yes, burst shots… that reach 11 frames per second. Then? Ah yes, video in 4K and functions that are finally adequate to the ones of its competitors… these are there as well.It seams that nothing is missing.Ah yes, I almost forgot, image quality…. got that too, but then again we knew it was going to be there since we started shooting with the X-Pro2.Just like we know that range of Fujinon lenses are probably one of the best on the market even though some specific lenses, such as those for sports or architectural photography, are missing.Well then, can we say that CSCs have finally exceeded reflexes and are the new reference mark of digital photographic systems…..

Source: Fujifilm X-T2: Professional Compact System Camera 1.0