Fujifilm X100T Review: The Pro Toy | Stefan Etienne

There’s a Japanese camera manufacturer by the name of Fujifilm — and they’re rather good at what they do, despite being behind better-known counterparts — one starts with an “N” and the other with a “C” — however, that doesn’t matter. When Fujfilm has a camera as small and lightweight as this one, with all the tech needed to make great photographs — 16 megapixels are enough; the spec-wars aren’t important in this context. So let’s get to it: the chance to work with one of their most-beloved cameras: the X100T. It’s a small, mirrorless camera with a fixed lens, but with the control and quality to stand-in for a bigger, more expensive camera in a pinch. The Fujifilm isn’t so much a retro camera as it is a 21st century device of precise imaging. It might look hipster — *shudders* — but it’s very much in the present, with a spec sheet that I’ll explain in the next section. What is important about the X100T’s aesthetic is that it is completely attractive while remaining functional: leather-style grip around both ends, a plethora of knobs and buttons that allow for maximum manual control: exposure, aperture, shutter, focus lock, directional buttons, trash, function button, view mode, drive, scroll wheel, display modes, viewfinder diopter wheel — it has everything, and a little more…….

Source: laptopmemo.com