Fujifilm XF 23mm f1.4 R | Derek Clark

… the 23mm feels perfect in your hands, especially on the X-Pro. But the quality of this lens is just stunning and Fuji has done a fantastic job in producing a lens that is more than the sum of it’s parts. The 35mm f1.4 has always had the edge over the other X Series lenses, but the 23mm has a look that is just as special and I can’t wait to use it on a real shoot. I’m a documentary photographer and this is a lens to tell stories. You get a great perspective with an old school 35mm, just the right amount of foreground to background without a load of distortion. It’s also a lens that you can move in close and still get a great look without peoples faces getting all bent out of shape. The 18mm f2 can be a little wide for my liking, but this new 23mm foots the bill. So the 23mm f1.4 has been worth the wait. The 56mm f1.2 should be out early 2014 and if it’s in the same league as the 23mm it will be stunning. I shoot with two bodies a lot and the 23mm on the X-Pro1 and 56mm on the X-E1 will be a great partnership. I’ll have more photos from the 23mm in the next few days on this blog as well as Twitter and Facebook. I’ll also shoot some street photography and post them on 35mmStreet. I’ll leave you with the horn, or rather, two horns. My Selmer Tenor and Yanagisawa curved soprano, two amazing saxophones. If you’ve got the horn and still not satisfied, take a look at Project Jazz on this here site……

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