Fujifilm XPRO2 Review – The Reality | Sven Schroeter

The Fujifilm XPro2 has big shoes to fill. We started our journey partnered with Fujifilm behind the wheel of the XPro1 and have some very strong feelings associated with its unique character. When you commit to the Fujifilm XPro series you get more than just a camera, you get a partner and form a bond. It was a privilege to have had a sample copy so early. There is always a lot of self imposed pressure when handling a camera with this much hype surrounding its release. Your aim is not only to create something unique, but to also push the boundaries and test the limits of the camera. For this particular review we wanted to include a touch of New Zealand’s great outdoors and create portraits of those who pursue a unique form of self expression. The primary reason we got into bed with Fujifilm was to get away from lugging big kit on our backs when wandering off the beaten track. We never intended to make a complete switch to the Fujifilm X series camera system for all our work, but we had so much fun with the original XPro1 that the decision came easy in the end……..

Source: www.bokeh-monster.com