Fujifilm XT2 – Review | Sven Schroeter

And now with the formalities out of the way, lets get our feet wet and see what the new kid on the block has up its sleeve. I imagine that most of you who have read our Fujifilm reviews are sick and tired of us preaching about the awesome image quality, colour, ISO performance, dynamic range, lenses, and durable build of the X series gear. So instead of focusing on the further incremental improvements in these departments, we will focus our attention on the new and exciting features of the XT2. But before we gloss over too much, just keep in mind, the X series has been killing it since the XPRO1 and this was reason enough for us to use the system both professionally and personally for the last four years. Fujifilm has made a name for itself in the professional photography market and their tools are only limited by your imagination…..

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