Fujinon XF35mm f2 | James Brokensha

The Fujinon XF35mm F2 has been in my camera bag since its release. I purchased it for just one simple reason, that it was weather sealed. Being very happy with the lens line up I had, I planned to keep the little lens tucked away and bring it out only when needed. The predictably wet British weather is not always ideal when shooting weddings and street and I liked the idea of have a little backup lens to chuck on the XT1 so I could keep on shooting (none of my other lenses are weather sealed) For quite a while it sat in my bag doing its job but never needed. A couple of months ago a paired it with my trusty but battered Xpro1 and headed out for a cold early morning walk on Dartmoor. I must admit I was impressed. This tiny 35mm F2 certainly punches above its wait. Its sharp wide open with the character you’d expect from any fujinon prime. Its pretty solid too. When mounted on the Xpro1 it feels like the camera has had a firmware update. It really is a noticeably better shooting experience than shooting with the XF35 f1.4. Its well worthy of being part of the Fujinon XF line up and i’m now shooting with it every day. …….

Source: www.jamesbrokenshaphotography.co.uk