Gear for a Landscape and Adventure Photographer | Daniel Groves

Something that seems to go hand in hand with photography is a large pile of equipment. For those of us who place ourselves within the adventure photography bracket it extends far beyond camera gear as I’ve previously demonstrated. This post will only focus on photographic equipment. What I’m going to look at here is everything from the basics of what camera body I’m currently using and what lenses I’m working with all the way through to what filters I’m putting in front of the lens, and in what situations I might do so. This is an interesting time for my current gear selection as I’ve recently switched camera systems due to the conditions in which I primarily work; remote places which require a long walk-in or mountain bike ride to access them. For those who are not interested in why I’ve chosen the gear I have, you can skip down to the big list near the bottom of this article……..

Source: danielgroves.net