Graphite Silver: My X-T1 review part 2b | Jonas Rask

Contrary to many of my (street) photographer colleagues I actually like my cameras silver and black as opposed to black only. The whole stealthy aspect of black in black is in my eyes a bit overrated. You basically have a big lens with shiny glass attached to the front of it. (Placing Gaffertape in front of that can lead to some weird artefacts in your images :P ) So this part of the review is basically just my saying some stuff about the design of an object. Apart from a firmware upgrade this thing is exactly the same as the black version. Innards, same. EVF, same, Amazing controls, same. So lets talk about the look of this thing. HO-LY SMOKES! This thing is so amazingly well designed that I actually place it on my nightstand. Geeky, yes. But this thing is the next-sexiest thing I’ve ever handled. (Wifey, love ya! ) ………


Fuji X-T1

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