Hands-on: First impressions on the upcoming Fuji X-T1 |
Gritty Monkey


For me the jury is still out. The EVF makes a big impression, the camera is fast and responsive, but clearly I have been spooked by the lack of relief of the back buttons of the camera. So far it seems to me that If you already own an X-E2 (or were planning to buy it), don’t shoot action and don’t mind the big EVF, you don’t need to upgrade (or spend the extra money). Anyway, I will leave definitive conclusions for after a real test in real life. I should get my own production sample in 10 days (“I love it when a plan comes together”, fingers crossed), so if you want to hear more about the X-T1 and how it performs in real-life, stay tuned : you can leave a comment below with what you would like to see, subscribe to this blog, share the love with your friend with the share icons below, and follow me on Twitter @greenbalbo. Talk to you soon……

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