Horseman VCC Pro – my X-Pro 1’s first still life studio outing |
Ohm Image

The Horseman VCC Pro is an interesting view camera for both medium format and smaller format film and digital backs. I snatched one for a week thanks to the lovely Ms. Nitta, whom I met at this year’s CP+. She set me up with Nikon mounted VCC and two large format Rodagon lenses. Generally I shoot still life with a Sony A7r, and sometimes with a medium format digital back. The A7r is well suited to quickly getting sharp photographs with pretty much any lens/bellows set up. I usually have it paired with some Nikon macro lens or another. But, since it was connected to the VCC Pro for this cheesy shoot, I had to use something else. The D800 is a bloody pain in the still-life studio, so I opted instead to use my X-Pro 1. Why not the pretty awesome X-T1? Simple. Raw support is still a ways off. And I’ve had the X-Pro 1 for a year and still not used it in the studio. Why not give it a go? ….

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