Horses by the Sea | Rebecca Patience

West Cork, Ireland.2014. Leica M9-P | Voigtlander Nokton 50mm 1.5 ASPH VM

One of the many countless blessings in my life is being able to share the love of photography with my husband. Besides shooting together continuously, we talk about photography every day, bounce thoughts back and forth and give each other a lot of support and encouragement in our individual work. I’m aware that this is not commonplace, and I’m very thankful. This day will always be etched in my memory, not only for the unique light we had and how gentle, yet wild the horses were, here in these mist-covered hills by the sea, but because I shared the experience with my favorite person on earth. Johnny’s beautiful images of the horses on film (Hasselblad and Leica) are here…….

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