How Fuji allowed me to grow as a professional photographer |
Bryan Caporicci

I recently interviewed world renowned celebrity wedding and lifestyle photographer Mike Colon for an upcoming episode of the Sprouting Photographer podcast. Mike is an amazing photographer – his client list includes Usher, Jim Carrey, Mel Gibson, Grace Ormonde and Louis Vuitton among others. His work can be found in publications such as People, Us Weekly, Instyle, Rangefinder, Photo District News, American Photo, Shutterbug, as well as many of the Amherst Media and fine art photography books found in bookstores today. Mike knows his stuff, and one look at his website validates that he really is an outstanding photographer. Mike is also a highly sought after speaker in the photography industry and teaches at all of the major photography conferences across the country and abroad. This is why I asked him to be on our podcast – to talk business! One of the discussions that Mike and I get into in the podcast is the psychology of pricing for photographers. As you know, pricing is a topic that is near and dear to me – Rob and I wrote a book on the topic! I love Mike’s purist approach to pricing, though – he explains how important it is that as you increase you prices, you must also simultaneously increase your photographic quality and your customer service. It kind of comes down to a “chicken or the egg” problem – do you produce better quality imagery and increase your customer service level and then increase your price to match? Or do you increase your price and then scramble to get your imagery and customer service up to the same level? You’ll have to listen to the podcast (once it’s live) to hear Mike’s full answer…..

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