How to be a leader in photography | Faby & Carlo

Knowing how to be a leader is an important part of being a photographer. If you are a photojournalist, this article is not directly related to you; however, if you are a portrait or a boudoir photographer, knowing how to be a leader will be an invaluable skill to take better photographs. If you were thinking that photography was a comfortable role, think again. If you thought you could have hidden behind the camera, think again. As long as you don’t want to be mediocre in what you do, then you have to get out there and be a proper photographer. Take things in your hands, take risks, be a people person, be a psychologist; all these before even thinking of getting the camera in your hands. This post is for those who really want to get better photographers. For those who are waiting for a sign to move the next step: yes, this is your sign, so get up and get better! …….