How to Make Your Photos More Interesting with a Human Element |
Andrew S. Gibson

I believe that when someone asks how to improve their composition, that what they’re really asking is how they can make their photos more interesting. The skill of composition is in arranging the elements of the scene in such a way that the resulting image is aesthetically pleasing, and interesting to look at. Composition involves using techniques such as including leading lines, isolating the subject, exploiting tonal contrast, deciding what to leave out of the frame, and so on. But none of this matters much if your subject matter is boring. The most effective way to create interesting images is to find an interesting subject. Composition becomes much easier when your subject is interesting. You are more likely to be enthusiastic about the photos, and put more effort into finding a good composition, if you are engaged with, or passionate about the subject. Luckily, there are lots of interesting things to take photos of. But for me the most interesting subject of all is people……..


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