I bought a Leica M, and… ? | Fae Photographies

Often people want to know why i choose the Leica M System. It´s a question easy and difficult at the same time. Easy because it´s a choice who came almost naturally to me in view to the way I choose. Difficult because a choice who is made through a path, a sensibility and a practice, is complicated to transpose from person to person. I’m going to try to explain to you, inside these few lines, what has guided my choice with arguments who are mine. I want to precise I don’t search to convince somebody. Each one will found in this article what he wants to find, some advices, informations or a point of view but under no circumstances a desire of convert anyone to buy Leica equipment. As it says, the best equipment is the one we are using. It’s evident that the historic side almost mythic of the German mark bring a lot of people to ask themself on the well-founded of the price charged by Leica. Are they justified ? The Leica’s equipment is it so great ? Many questions I asked myself and those for which I would have liked explanations other than those of salers, „aficionados“ or detractors of the mark at the red dot…..

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