Incoming Storm | Xtographer

We have had weather warnings in SE Queensland for the past week with forecasts of damaging storms. In my location we have so far escaped such weather but some areas have been hit fairly hard with severe damage resulting from high winds. Last night I could hear a few rumbles of thunder and see some lightning off to the west so I decided to venture out with my camera to try and capture some of the storm action before it hit our suburb. Being  525m above sea level we get a reasonably good vantage point with panoramic views to both the East and West. The storm front was approx 50klm’s distant and out the the west. I set up the camera (XE1) with the XF23mm to provide a semi wide view of the environment on my tripod. I set the camera on ‚B‘ or BULB and used the Triggertrap app (and dongle) on my iPhone to trigger the shutter. I used apertures of between f8 and f4. Exposure time was a bit of a guessing game and varied with the number of lighting strikes at any given time. Successful captures ranged between 30 seconds and three minutes exposure time at ISO 200……

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