Interview with Thomas Menk in The Inspired Eye magazine

Inspired Eye Issue 11

I was delighted to be interviewed for the amazing Inspired Eye magazine this week :)

Inspired Eye is an online PDF magazine written by photographers for photographers. Unlike most other photography magazines, Don Springer and Olivier Duong’s creation focuses, not on the famous masters but on working photographers today….

Content Issue 11:
The 11th issue of Inspired Eye contains 6 interviews with photography educators. John Free graces the cover for this issue as he is interviewed in it, other great photographers you can learn a thing or two from includes Gene Lowinger, Ed Vatza, Kevin Mullins, Thomas Menk, David Holliday. As the travel feature, a superb travelogue piece by Carl Valiquet on the Sumba Island. Also included is a time period photo-essay on London in the 80′s. The issue also has the monthly columns of In the Streets with Street Shooter and the Reader’s gallery. Size: 340 pages in 171 spreads

Source: The Inspired Eye