Is the X100T the Ultimate Travel Camera? | David Cleland

I am one of those people who think a camera is an essential component of any travel inventory. Documenting a journey is important but a camera can often be a burden, the weight, the value and the fear of damage can mean it is left at home more often than not. The Fujifilm X100 camera changes the photographic landscape, now in it’s third generation the X100T brings some powerful features to an exceptionally portable image maker making it a contender for the Ultimate Travel Camera label. Is the Fixed Lens a Problem? The Fujifilm X100 series offers a 35mm field of view. This medium-wide lens is perfect for documentary photography from landscapes through to group or wide portraits. Having a fixed lens may feel restrictive but it is actually remarkably liberating to just have one field of view, you can zoom with your feet and 35mm really is ideal on most occasions……


Fuji X100T

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