ISO Unlocker for the Fujifilm X-T1 | Ian Norman

ISO Unlocker for the Fujifilm X-T1 is an accessory that improves the ergonomics of your camera. It’s a fully machined aircraft grade aluminum cover for your X-T1’s ISO dial. It keeps the dial lock button held down so that you can more quickly change your ISO setting on the fly. Now, you no longer need to pinch the dial while holding down the unlock button. Just flick the edge of the dial with one finger and you can change the ISO without fuss, even with the camera to your eye. Makes it much easier with gloves on. ISO Unlocker is closely matched to the style of your X-T1. Once it’s installed, you won’t even notice it’s there. A strong pressure sensitive adhesive keeps the ISO Unlocker installed for a lifetime but still removable should you decide to restore your camera to its original state……

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