Just how good is the new Fuji 90mm f 2???? | Bill Fortney

It is very, very important to me that you know that when I express an opinion about gear or anything, for that matter, that is comes from the heart, and is not influenced by my business relationship with any company or individual! Please believe that!!! If you don’t, nothing I share would be worth a dime! Now let’s settle this for once and for all, I have winced as I’ve seen an occasional harsh comment about Zack Arias being in the tank for Fuji, because I imagine the same is being said of me! I know Zack well and he is a man of real integrity and I believe he would never promote a product, even from a company he does some work for, unless he really believed it! I believe that Zack shares exactly what he thinks! When Jack and I were named X-Photographers, which we both really appreciatied, we asked the official that informed us of the nomination and selection to that group, if accepting the honor would, in any way, affect our being able to express our real feelings about Fuji’s products and we were assured that was exactly what they wanted us to do, positive or negative!!! I say this because I am beginning to do some events for Fuji and being paid to do so. If I thought my doing work for them compromised my ability to be honest with you, I would have not accepted the X-Photogrpaher offer and would refuse to work for hire for Fuji. I’m very proud that I can have the kind of relationship I enjoy with them. Why such a long diatribe???? Because the praise I’m about to heap on the new 90mm f 2 would otherwise test your confidence in my being, unbiased!!! ……..

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Fujifilm Fujinon XF 90mm F2.0

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