Leica – A Journey Through the Sahara | Jody MacDonald

Earlier this year I was asked by Leica to take their new Leica X-U shockproof, weatherproof outdoor camera on an adventure. I ended up in Mauritania. I have a particular fascination with the Sahara desert and I have always wanted to hop onboard Mauritania’s iron ore train. As I began researching this unique country I became more intrigued. Not a lot of people go here and even more have never even heard of the country which is astounding considering it’s twice the size of France and takes up a large portion of north western Africa. The vast desert, the nomads, the shipwreck graveyards, no people, this was my kind of place. I thought it would not only be a unique adventure but one that could really put the Leica X-U to the test. So the adventure began.

Source: Leica – A Journey Through the Sahara | Jody MacDonald Photography