Leica introduces M Typ 262 with new quieter shutter mechanism and
lower price | Damien Demolder

German camera manufacturer Leica has added another rangefinder body to its M system that has a pared-down feature set, an extra quiet shutter unit and a lower price than the M Typ 240. The new Leica M Typ 262 is very much the same as the other M bodies, but does not offer video or live view shooting, even though it uses a 24MP CMOS sensor. Leica has used the button space on the rear of the camera that is used for live view in the Typ 240 to add direct access to the white balance feature. The company says that the new shutter unit is barely audible and the shutter cocking mechanism is ‚considerably quieter‘ than the system used in previous models. In single shot mode the new mechanism allows up to two frames to be recorded in a second, while the drive mode allows up to three frames per second, as before. Instead of a brass top plate the Typ 262 uses aluminum, which makes the camera around 100g lighter than the Typ 240. Leica says one of benefits of not offering video and live view is that the menu system is much simpler and consists of only two pages. The camera may offer the same full-frame 24MP sensor that is used in the M Typ 240 and the M-P, and seems unlikely to be the sensor used in the more recent Leica Q and SL. At £4050 the Typ 262 is offered as the least expensive of the M bodies, and is available immediately. For more information visit the Leica website.

Source: www.dpreview.com

Leica M Type 240

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