Leica M Edition 60: A year’s shooting with the father of the M-D | John Reynolds

The moment he opened the box I knew what was going to happen. David Stephens had called earlier to say that the Leica M Edition 60, hereafter M60, which I had muttered under my breath, had arrived at The Leica Store Manchester and would I like to see it. Of course, why not? It was December 2014 and I had been intrigued by this unusual camera since Photokina that September. The M60 might be just what I wanted, a minimal, purposeful, well made and beautiful camera. I got to the store that very day, took the camera out of the box, held it in my hand, looked through the viewfinder, and bought it. Now, some 17 months later, Leica has announced the M-D, and Mike suggested it might be helpful to reflect a little on my time with the new camera’s parent……..

Source: macfilos.com