Leica M9 Review | ShootTokyo

This is a users Leica M9 review.   This camera completely changed the way I shoot and what I am about as a photographer.  I hope you enjoy this and find this camera as fascinating as I do. Most Leica shooters I have met have an interesting story of how they became Leica shooters.   The lucky ones inherited a box of Leica lens and an old Leica camera from a father, grandfather or uncle.  Others were introduced through a friend and others of us by chance.  I had my first encounter with Leica at a photography workshop a few years ago.  I remember we were all meeting up outside one of the train stations before heading to the location together.  As I placed my rather heavy Think Tank camera bag holding my Canon 5DMKII with enough lenses, filters and accessories to allow me to capture whatever photographic challenge came before me I noticed one guy standing there who was clearly out of place.   He was holding a small black camera with a small lens and he had a little camera bag with a couple of extra and equally small lenses in it.  I honestly thought to myself what is he doing here?  This workshop is for people who are serious about photography!…..

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