Leica Q: Hands on review – Is the Q for you? | Nicole Struppert

When I first tested the Leica Q a few weeks ago at my Leica dealer in Munich, it was love at first sight.  The Q felt just right in my hand, the specs were promising and I loved the idea that the Q is a mixture of the X and M cameras.  A few weeks later I bought the Q and was ready to shoot in London to work on my project Tales on Shoreditch. With this hands on review I don’t want to get too much into the specs. We all know they are brilliant and promising. I highly recommend the review of the Leica Q from Torsten Overgaard. It helped me a lot to find my workflow with the Q. After shooting with the Q for almost 4 weeks I am sharing my first impressions on the camera…….

Source: nicolestruppert.com

Leica Q

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