Leica Q: New fixed-lens full-frame camera with stabilisation, viewfinder,
1.7 Summilux and priced to sell | Mike Evans

Today Leica launched a full-frame mirrorless camera built in Germany to M-standards and with an integral viewfinder. From the X compact, through the X and X Vario, all European-made Leicas up to now have had to slum it with an external electronic viewfinder perched on top. Many assumed Leica was reluctant to build a camera with an integral viewfinder because of the possibility that it might cannibalise sales of the venerable and expensive M. But this is clearly not the case. Today’s announcement of the Leica Q is designed to answer the prayers of Leica owners, although many will suffer a tinge of disappointment when they learn that this is a fixed-lens and not a system camera. But what a lens. The Q sports a 28mm Summilux ASPH (or, perhaps, we should say Summilux-minus-one-stop because, like the lens of the X compact, its widest aperture is f/1.7). Nevertheless, this is a potentially great lens…..

Source: macfilos.com

Leica Q

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