Leica Q review: The perfect mirrorless? | Olivier Duong

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to put my hands on the highly praised, Leica Q. At the time of writing this, I was told by Leica NZ, there’s only one copy of the camera in the country and I was going to shoot it. Is not everyday you get that lucky! Anyway, here’s my Leica Q review. When I had the camera in my hands, first thing it surprised me was the weight. It is much lighter than any M paired with lens. Or even lighter than my Sony A7 with the voigtlander adapter and my 35 summilux ASPH. Also, the size is perfect, actually, to me, this is how cameras SHOULD be. Again, smaller than a Leica M, and my Sony A7(because of that horrendous hump of VF that has). In fact I compared it to my Olympus OMD EM10, and they are pretty much the same height and width. The difference is that the Q is the cleanest camera when it comes to design, nothing protrudes the body, everything is flat, hotshoe, buttons, dials everything is smooth and clean. Personally, this is a perfectly designed camera…….

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Leica Q

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