Marrakech and Ozoud Falls | Luke Walker

Foolishly forgetting that we’d be visiting peak summer when the temperature would be a scorching 40+ degrees, a few weeks back my brother and I decided to take a trip to Marrakech, a place I’d wanted to visit for some time. Despite a somewhat aggressive confrontation with some locals on arrival and frustrating encounters with several souk owners on the first day, we loved it. And the heat wasn’t that bad. The two of us spent just under a week exploring Marrakech’s labyrinth of narrow alleys, visiting the main points of interest, sampling the local food and relaxing in bars with gorgeous panoramic terraces. We also took a trip to the province of Azilal, 150km northeast of Marrakech, to see the breathtaking Ouzoud Falls (photos towards the end of this post). Marrakech is great. The colours, smells, energy and atmosphere. I’d love to visit again……..


Fuji X100S

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