Memories of Summer Sunset, an experiment with Fuji | Mac Sokulski

After a brief moment of spring, winter has returned to our corner of the world.  Snow is back on the ground that temperatures are back to normal.  With fond memories I was looking through my back catalog of images taken in 2015.  All those little trips we have taken, getting lost in the back roads of Alberta. Edmonton is situated a little further from the Rocky Mountains, and usually it’s at least a day trip to be able to visit.  Our backyard is mainly prairies and forests.  It can be challenging sometimes, to create good images.  Luckily we can compensate by finding a bit of history, and abandon farm, or church.  Some are nothing more than a roof, yet some are still standing, remembering better times.  Most of the histories of those places, have been lost in time, but stopping to photograph them, one can imagine the laughter and hard work that was normal not so long ago. We love doing these little historical trips, to find these little gems, and photograph them.  I’ve witnessed a few places which I managed to capture, and are no longer standing…….