My big, fat X-Pro2 „heat issue“ real life report | Vassilios Zacharitsev

Fujifilm’s new flagship camera is already in the hands of thousands of photographers by now. As is usual for such a highly anticipated piece of gear, there were many early adopters, who didn’t mind the higher initial release price, and actually preordered the X-Pro2, in order to have it in their hands the soonest possible. There is also, usually, another risk involved with being an early adopter, and it simply is, possible early bugs. Cameras nowadays are extremely complicated electronic devices, incorporating sophisticated software as well as hardware; consequently, issues with early examples are not unusual. The X-Pro2 suffered from such a (most probably software based) issue, where the camera would lost its settings without obvious reason. Fuji responded quickly by issuing a firmware update to fix this. Discussion in several Fuji-related fora led to the conclusion that there are possibly other issues too, at least for a number of cameras, as well as behavior that some would consider questionable…….