My first month with the X-Pro2 | Gary Perlmutter

So I have now owned my X-pro2 for exactly a month now since purchasing the camera at the Photography Show in Birmingham. Yes you heard that right I bought it with my hard earned cash, despite being one of the ‘staff’ writers for Fujilove I am not an X Photographer nor do Fuji pay me to write this or receive a discount or freebies on Fuji gear. So here’s a bit of background I have been a full-time professional photographer since leaving school and now have reached the ripe old age of 60, that means I was brought up on using and owning film cameras. I went digital must be getting on for 15 years now and since 2011 I have been hooked on the Fuji range. In that time I have owned two X100’s, the XT1, X-Pro1 and now the X-Pro2. I use the Fuji’s both professionally and because I enjoy using them, for fun stuff too. So what do I think about the X-Pro2? In a nutshell, for me it’s the best Fuji yet…….