My fourth year with Fuji and the X-T1 | STOCKOGRAFIE

Yes you read correctly. This has been my fourth year with a Fujifilm camera. It all started off with the X100 in 2011, followed by the X-Pro1 and the XF35 1.4 which I exchanged for the more compact X-E1 and some great Fuji lenses. Then, in February of this year I sold the X-E1 in exchange for the X-T1. As soon as that was announced I had to have it. A dream camera which I still love to use. At the beginning of this year I was not sure what would happen. I thought it would be a pretty boring year in terms of my photography and did not expect much at all. It all came very different. Nothing happened much until May when my wife and I headed to Egypt for a snorkeling vacation in Marsa Alam. Especially for this holiday I purchased a Fujifilm XP60 underwater camera as I knew I would be snorkeling quite a bit. It was worth every penny…….


Fuji X-T1

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