My love affair with a fujifilm xe2 (noob review) | XCB photography

I always say that camera is just a tool,make it your slave not the other way around. And im kinda 100 percent sure that im spot on this one. If you cant shoot with a decent cheapskate cam, you cant shoot with a billion dollar cam either. I got nothing to do so might as well post a review. Finally im a member of fuji x club. Its not really a “club club”, i just mean i got a fuji xe2 for myself. Lol.this is a review in layman’s term cause being an idiot who is not fond of technical terms,i really suck at explaining the evf ,is or camera button stuff thingy. I must admit,coming from a full frame slr it did not impress me at first.there are heaps of adjustments to make. I even compared it to iphone5 (sorry fuji) but then as time goes by,i started to appreciate it. First is the weight! Its light so i dunn have any excuse not to bring a camera whenever i step out of the house. I cant imagine how weightless it would be if ever i pair it with a prime lens. (Fujifilm should give me one for free cause im too cheapskate to buy and im promoting them with this post) me keed. I got the 18-55 kit-lens btw,a zoom lens that i never use beyond 18mm.i was shocked with this kit lens price too,quite costly to be called just a kit-lens. Im used to nikkor 20mm prime so i really dunn know how to zoom. Im ignorant like that. Chuckles im not planning to learn to zoom either cause i like zooming it with my feet. More walking,less fats……..


Fuji X-E2

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