My Workflow for X-Trans RAW Processing | vk.photo

I was using Lightroom since its first iteration and it worked well with all my cameras and files. Until I acquired Fujifilm X-Pro1. I quickly realized that ACR demosaicing (Lightroom’s raw de-coding engine, same as in CS/Photoshop) is not the best choice for x-trans raw files. There are much better raw converters on the market, but Lightroom is still, arguably, the best digital asset management system. I was asking myself, how can I combine the power of LR asset management with the best demosaicing algorithms? After spending hours of testing of various configurations I finally came up with the workflow that works well for me and my x-trans raw files. I am using it for 4 months now and feel comfortable to share with you. I will illustrate my workflow using LR+Iridient Developer integration, albeit the same integration works well with Capture One Express,  Aperture or Photo Ninja. As the matter of fact I have all of them and they all are integrated into the same workflow. Here is my setup and step by step instructions. My workflow always starts and ends in Adobe Lightroom. So why Lightroom? I chose this particular product as my main Digital Asset Management system for many reasons but mostly because the combination of…….

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