Nature Photography and the Law | Simon Booth

How do we stand legally when it comes to photographing the flora and fauna that we find in the British countryside? Simon Booth gives us a whistle stop tour of nature photography and the law. For the most part, we needn’t concern ourselves with trespassing whilst out with our cameras enjoying what Britain has to offer, but just occasionally, nature photography and the law run very closely side by side. On these occasions, it’s important to know where you stand, quite literally, when photographing some of our most exciting species. The water vole, kingfisher, badger, otter and barn owl are all high on the nature photographer’s list of things to photograph, and are frequently splashed across the pages of magazines as a result. But how often do we actually consider that all these animals receive some degree of legal protection that as photographers, we should be mindful of? It’s easy to get bogged down in legislation and as part of my job as an ecologist and professional photographer, I know just how much of a minefield it can be. Fortunately though, we only need to learn the basics as photographers…….


Fujifilm X-T10

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