One year (and a bit more) with Fuji X100T | Alessandro Michelazzi

Why this long intro to my Fuji X100T impressions after an year of usage? Simply ‘cause I found back with the Fuji digital camera that kind of color I could achieve when shooting with Fujifilm analogue slide. I remember the first X100. I was at the 2010’s Photokina in Koln, Germany, when they present it. Everyone was falling in love with that camera only looking at the item itself: the camera looks like an old rangefinder camera but still very very portable thanks to the integrated and fixed lens. I was testing and using the first X100 and I wasn’t finding it so amazing. The picture quality was good but I was struggling with the slow focus and the gimmick of the interface. At the time my mirrorless to go was the Samsung Nx100 and Nx200, I think the most underestimate system in the photography history. (you can read my impression here) When the second iteration – the X100S – come out I was able to try it in different situations and it was already a big different story: the new x-trans sensor gives what we were missing on the first camera: the unique Fuji colors. I was amazed about them especially at the high iso range. (you can read my test of the X100s here) But at the time I decided to wait a bit more. Until the X100t. Yes that was finally the camera to buy. After one year of usage I still consider the X100T not an easy camera for everyone: if you want to master at the best the camera you have really to study the user manual to understand how to set all the features……..